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Lafayette Music Fest 2023 Bands

White Rose Motor Oil

White Rose Motor Oil performs at 4pm at The End

The Ephinjis

The Ephingis perform at 5pm at Tier Two

Adam Revell

Adam Revell performs at 3pm at Muse


SPELLS perform at 8pm at Tier Two

Snakes and Stars

Snakes and Stars perform at 8:30pm at Nissi’s

People Like Me

People Like Me perform at 6:30pm at Tier Two

Native Station

Native Station performs at 12:30pm at Tier Two

Muse All-Stars

Muse All-Stars perform at 1:30pm at Muse

Mono Verde Collective

Mono Verde Collective performs at 2:45pm at Arts Hub

Los Bohemios

Los Bohemios perform at 12pm at Muse

La Familia

La Familia performs at 1:15pm at Arts Hub

Immigrants Child

Immigrants Child performs at 3:30pm at Tier Two


HRZN performs at 1pm at The End

Heavy Diamond Ring

Heavy Diamond Ring performs at 5:30pm at The End

Hazel Miller & The Collective

Hazel Miller & The Collective perform at 4:30pm at Arts Hub

Gasoline Lollipops

Gasoline Lollipops perform at 6:15pm at Nissi’s

Future Joy

Future Joy performs at 10:15pm at Nissi’s

Fruta Brutal

Fruta Brutal performs at 2:30pm at The End

Bettman & Halpin

Bettman & Halpin perform at 6pm at Muse

Amelie Quartet

Amelie Quartet performs at 4:30pm at Muse


Blankslate performs at 2pm at Tier Two

Card Catalog

Card Catalog performs at 7pm at The End

Cody Qualls & The Brand New Ancients

Cody Qualls & The Brand New Ancients perform at 5:45pm at Arts Hub

Drunken Hearts

Drunken Hearts perform at 7:30pm at Arts Hub